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E-commerce/Online StorePortal Web Design (Deposit)

E-commerce/Online StorePortal Web Design (Deposit)


An online store is an ecommerce website or app where buyers can see a catalog of products or services and electronically purchase them. A typical representation of an online store is a brick-and-mortar retail business that also displays and sells its products on a website.

  • Site Specifics

    Up to 5 Tabs

    Photos/Videos (15 Uploads)

    Contact Forms

    Mobile Friendly Design

    Online Store (10 Additional Product Uploads)

    Wix Payments (Credit/Debit), PayPal, Apple Pay

    Search Engine Optimaztion on Home Page

  • Time Frames

    TIME FRAMES (once all site information is received)

    5 Day Turnaround on Informational Sites.

    10 Day Turnaround on Booking/eCommerce Sites.

    Deposit required for all services!

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